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stable and forgiving whitewater packraft. Ideal for building skills and confidence, carrying heavy loads, and charging hard on high volume runs

N.A.B. a-Pack-raft 30 cm (12") diameter Tubes Self Bailer

1 Quart
Tape: Blak
  • Time to know about what N.A.B.a-pack-raft is capable of.

    Featuring a 12"  tubes, modern  shaping, generous bow and stern rocker, and a insert floor,

    The N.A.B. rie provides fantastic handling in a sub-12lb inflatable package.

    The self bailing floor let the incoming splash water draing to create anchor for stability when the boat is put on Big moving Water.  boofing off drops, and cutting through features. 

    The bow and stern rocker keep the boat high make it incredibly easy to manuver over and skip out of holes and drops. you have to paddle it to believe it.

    If you are a river runer who is packraft curious or Want to Update what all ready have, the N.A.B. is the boat you’ve been looking for. It is also a great boat for the experienced packrafter looking to step up their whitewater game or anyone who wants to develop advanced skills in a forgiving and compact to travel pack.

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