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PoD. Portable Option Dry, the dry-storage solution. Designed to fit on the Bow or Stern on your packraft boat, your Pladdle Boar or For the swimm, the PoD.  are perfect for electronics, tent, sleeping bag, or other sensitive-equipment you want to keep dry. Or, use them to add extra chambers of air to your packraft for gnarlier whitewater. Also great for keeping gear safe and dry while hiking, backpacking or canyoneering. Each bag has a volume of 50 L in.


Our PoD. Dry Bag combines 100% waterproof protection with straight-forward design simplicity. 

Built with tough 210 or 420-denier nylon tarpaulin fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), water simply cannot penetrate it.


The advantages of using a nylon fabric with this coating are lightness of weight, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The highly-flexible TPU coating is resistant to ultraviolet light and chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity without breakdown from hard use.


The seams are Hot Air Welded (HAW) , over stiching, a cement-free process that permanently fuses the fabric layers together, assuring flexible integrity without fail.


This is the same construction as used in the manufacture of white-water rafting gear, where equipment failure could have fatal consequences. 

The true beauty of the this CD PoD. waterproof bag lies in its simplicity. The design has been proven for users–with multiple parts, when the T-Zip and Bib Nozel are lok in, a waterproof seal is assured. The 50-liter bag rides comfortably when carried with adjustable padded shoulder strap.

Multiplelocations of D-rings for attaching additional gear that requires quick access without waterproof protection. 

The P.O.D. Dry combining the versatile and convenience with the twitst state-of-the-art waterproof protection.



    An item that has seen abuse, neglect, or use other than its intended purpose may not be covered under our warranty. Under any circumstance repair is always our preferred course of action. However, if after evaluating your item it is deemed not repairable, we will contact you via email to discuss your options. All alterations or repairs done by yourself, or a 3rd party will void your warranty.

    All repairs are made with the objective of preserving the integrity and rugged durability you’ve come to expect from CD Outdoors LLC. When performing repairs on fabric, we have found that darning and/or adhesives is the strongest method of repair for tears and holes. Repairs are made to preserve the strength and integrity of the product rather than have aesthetic appeal.

    A repaired item can never look brand new, as if it just came off the store shelf – rather, the damage and resulting repair shows each item’s unique wear story. Colors and materials may vary depending on the age and use of the item. Please remember that our repairs prioritize function over aesthetics.