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The "D-Crotch PoD", the perfect companion to hold small paddling essentials in the cockpit of your PackRaft, Paddle Board or Kayack—snacks, water bottle, sunscreen.

All "D-Crotch PoD",feature a #3 coil zipper closure and a multiple options for attachment.

Size: 10LThe DCrotch PoD is compatible with all Models for the funcionality of multiple options and configurations of atachment 


Provides quick access to wet and dry storage for all of your Small daily needs on the water.

“D-Crotch PoD" attaches to the Sadle or grab loops on the cockpit of your PackRaft, Paddle Board o Kayack with your diferent options of atachments


The Easy a #3 coil zipper can be operated with one hand, which provides easy access.


Store wet items like runoff-waterproof-packing-cube-"S" water bottles and your Temper Pump in the “D-Crotch PoD" which has a mesh bottom for drainage.


You can pull your the dry bag out and get what you need while holding it in your lap rather than trying to sort through the main bag on the bow of your boat.


The “D-Crotch PoD" is not waterproof - it has a mesh bottom that drains water instantly, while saving a bunch of weight and money over fully sealed options.

Things like a water bottle,  the Main “D-Crotch PoD" and it doesn't matter if they are waterproofed or not. A  lightweight dry bag takes care of the rest, and still saves some weight. It's easy to keep wet stuff wet and dry stuff dry.

The Advantage of a pass-through “D-Crotch PoD", is the “D-Crotch PoD" will take all the damage, and you don't have to worry as much about abrasion ruining the waterproof barrier.


Can be worn as a day pack with optional backpack straps.


Attachment to the PackRaft, Paddle Board o Kayack with your choice of weebbing or your diferent options of atachments.

2.5 Liters (9 x 13in x 5in)

PoD “D-Crotch PoD"